Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Special education teacher testimonial

This video consists of a Special Education Teacher in Poulsbo WA, who talks about her students that have been diagnosed with Autism and their amazing long term gains while using our web based, real world, education program. Our program was not originally designed for children with Autism but as you can see, it has made some note worthy gains and changes within these students lives. The ground breaking results gave us a reason to create a program that is designed for children who may have Autism, Aspergers, ADD/ADHD, and Dyslexia. The new program is called "Early Mind Matters" and was just launched on April 1st of 2009. The program that you see the children using is called "Knowledge First" for which we have made many note worthy gains for students who do not have learning difficulties, along with English Language Learners. The learning process of our scientific programs is called Neuropath Learning for which a website will also be launched in January of 2009. Both programs collect quantifiable data on every individual student, in real time. I apologize for the scratchiness in the beginning of this video.

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